Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass


I like that bitter taste bitch.

The worst prison is the one in our own heads. We are constantly skirting around it, keeping a watchful eye out. Hairs prickle with goosebumps from the chill breathing down our spine, daring us to daydream. It's where the danger lies, where our thoughts turn against us. Whispering words of "Fat" "Do it! It's not like it'll make any difference, Piggy" "You're disgusting", they bind the wrists and ankles forcing us to succumb...

Drop to my knees. Bare skin resting on the cold hard surface. It feels good. My hands are gripping the snow white edge, as I stare down into the vast pool below. Relief comes, rescues me from this monotonous hell until the bile burns. My fucking saving grace. I will do better. I will be stronger.

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  1. I'm sure you will be better. After fail we get back stronger.
    The beginning of your post is so true. I am my worst enemy.
    oh and Cassie I just adore her
    almost as I adore your writing.