Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass


So I didn't end up losing those 6 pounds, sad days. I ended up plateauing after 5 pounds, which isn't horrible but I'm pissed that I still didn't hit my goal. I've been restricting like crazy and staying away from all things nasty and I can't get my weight to budge. I'm absolutely frustrated right now! I don't have time for this!! I got a hot body out there, somewhere, waiting for me! It is ridiculously hot here so some of it might be water weight, since I tend to get uber dehydrated in the summer. I've been drinking ridiculous amounts of water. But still, how annoying?!?!

I kept my calorie count today around 350 and did 52 minutes on the elliptical (670 calories) plus some calisthenics. And while I was at Costco a couple days ago, I bought a New Balance heart rate monitor and calorie counter so now I can track my exercises and accurately count my calories burned!! I absolutely love it! I seriously recommend everyone buying one, and it was only $40! Complete steal of a deal! If I don't lose at least a pound after today, I am going to lose my damn mind.

Most of my calories came from a stupid soft taco that one of my customers brought me today. He kept telling me, "Eat it. Eat it. I want to make sure you like it." Mind you there is 316 calories in one of those things and he was tugging my chain harder than I would have liked. So, reluctantly, I ate half of it and then he left so I threw it out. I just hate being put in situations like that, where people are going to pressure me to eat someting fattening and disgusting. I hate it! O well, what's done is done. Tomorrow I'm doing more gym time after work and then getting my bike from my mom's.

Happy Summer Everyone <3...finally

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  1. Five pounds is still amazing progress!! A calorie counter sounds like a really great idea, I think I should get one also! It's so motivating to see the number of calories burned up when I'm running on a treadmill, I bet it would be incredibly motivating to see it all day. That customer sounds sweet, it's too bad though, that his good intentions come with extra calories! Major congrats on the control and throwing the rest away! I hope you have a very lovely day, you deserve it! Good luck and stay beautiful. <3